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Weddings & Receptions

Paddington Uniting Church joyfully welcomes couples of all identities seeking to celebrate and affirm their love through the covenant of marriage. We do not discriminate on the basis of sexuality, gender, race, previous marital status, disability or age. 

While you don't need to be a member of our church or another to be married at Paddington Uniting Church, you do need to be willing to be married in the Christian tradition, and have the ceremony conducted either by our minister, or another Uniting Church minister authorised by our community. 

At Paddington Uniting Church, we will work with you to make your wedding a true expression of your love. Weddings can be held on both weekdays and weekends, including Sundays. For something different, we also offer weddings during the buzz of the Paddington Markets

We can also offer a variety of packages for your wedding reception in our beautiful church hall, from a simple afternoon tea to a formal a la carte meal.

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  • Do you offer marriage of same-gender couples?
    Yes! Paddington Uniting Church is proud to offer marriage to couples of all sexual identities.
  • I am divorced. Does this matter?
    No. Paddington Uniting Church is happy to marry anyone, regardless of whether you have been married previously or not.
  • Can I hold both my wedding ceremony and reception at the church?
    Absolutely! Our Church has a large hall and commercial kitchen that can be utilised for wedding receptions. More information can be found on our venue hire page, or by contacting our office.
  • Do you have disabled access?
    Yes. Both the Church Sancturary and George Smith Memorial Hall offer disability access and facilities.
  • My partner and I are from different faiths. Can we still be married at PUC?
    Yes! At Paddington Uniting Church it doesn't matter what faith tradition you are from, however you must be willing to be married under the rites of the Uniting Church in Australia. If you would like to incorporate aspects of your culture or tradition into the ceremony, we can accomodate this and work with you to make your ceremony as special as possible.
  • Can we include our own music selections and musicians?
    Absolutely! We want your wedding to be an expression of you both and the love that you share. This may include, but isn't limited to, incorporating aspects of your life together, including special songs, poetry, and/or the participation of family and friends.
  • As well as weddings, is PUC available for funerals and baptisms?"
    Yes we are. Further information on funerals and baptisms can be obtained by contacting our minister.
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