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Holy Communion in Paddington Markets- Saturday 11am n in the Church Sanctuary.


Sunday Evening 7pm 

Baptism of Kalani

Due to the continuing impact of Covid Sunday Evening Worship will be available both in person and online.

To come along Sunday evening join us in the church at 7:00pm or join online through zoom at or click on the link below 

To link in via telephone please call: 02 8015 6011 and use Meeting ID is: 2882614272 

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Open Table will gather again on Thursday 

26th of May at 11 am.


Lunch is provided


All Welcome

An Introduction to Lamentations


In evening worship over the next 2 months we will work through the Book of Lamentations. 

Each week will will read through one of the five chapters.

Lamentations was written following the destruction of Jerusalem in approximately 586/7 BCE. It express the deep distress of the city and her people's, the majority of whom have been taken captive and exiled to Babylon.

Lamentations is relatively brief with only five chapters. The first four of the chapters are similar in length. Each takes the form of an acrostic lament- an angst-filled poem in which the each stanza begins with consecutive letters of the Hebrew alphabet. It is thought that the author uses this literary technique to express the fullness of the grief.

The author of Lamentations is unknown, however the sophistication of the Hebrew would suggest a member of the cultural elite, likely a priest or a prophet. In the Christian Canon Lamentations is found after the book of Jeremiah, as it is has some similarities with these writing, though unlikely to share the same author. In the Hebrew scriptures Lamentations is found with among the ‘scrolls’ or Megillot (which includes Ruth, Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes, Lamentations and Esther). 

Paddington Uniting Church Community Updates

The next few weeks at Paddington Uniting Church

Saturday 21st May-

Church in the Markets at 11am &

Indigenous experience at Bondi in the afternoon


Sunday 22nd May-

Baptism of Kaylani

Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th May

Holy Communion in the Church - Lamentations Chapter 3

Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th June-

Pentecost celebration with Holy Communion

Saturday 11th June & Sunday 12th June

Trinity Sunday



Saturday 16th July 11am -

Induction of Rev. Trish Rooney into Paddington Uniting Church


Please hold the above plans lightly as we constantly review in light of the changing COVID situation


If you have suggestions or thoughts for prayers, music or other additions to worship in the New Year please call Danielle on 0432924626 or email

Keeping Connected

Catch up on Facebook and Instagram. Like and follow Paddington Uniting Church on Facebook and @paddingtonuniting on instagram  To find us clink on the links below:


Looking for other ways to stay connected?

Join our Whatsapp group where we can share ideas for prayer, news articles of interest, moments of inspiration and sadness, music suggestions and more. Contact Danielle to be added to the group on 0432924626

Offering ourselves and our resources to God through Paddington Uniting Church

The mission and ministry of Paddington Uniting Church is assisted by the contributions of our worshipping community.


If you worship with us regularly and/or would like to contribute to God’s work in our community please do through one off or regular direct debit to:

Account Name:

Sydney Presbytery - Paddington UC

BSB: 634634

Account Number: 100080359


If you are guest worshipping with us, please don’t feel you need to contribute.  The gift of your presence is present enough

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