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Study Group

8:00pm Thursday 23rd March 2023

this Faith?

To join:
Go to or click on the button below
If needed the Meeting ID is: 380 157 8825 Password: 160411

Why do you believe?


Connections in Scripture

  • Hebrews 11.1-16



What do you think about the idea that we believe because the God/Christ/Holy spirit in you that loves God? 

What are some of the challenges of belief?




Do you think there is evidence for your belief?

Where do we need to use caution as people of faith?


Connections in Scripture

  • Psalm 23

  • Ephesians 5.8.1-14

  • John 9.1-7

  • Ezekiel 37.1-14

  • John 20.19-23


Does scriptures guide the way that you apply faith in your life?


How does faith change the way you live each day and in a broader sense across the years?



Study Group Dates for 2023

The Paddington Uniting Church study group will provide an opportunity for casual, small group discussion of a variety of topics linked to scripture.

The group is open to all those wishing to attend, with no prior knowledge required.

The group will meets on the 4th Thursday of each month at 8:00pm on zoom once a month and commence in February 2023, with a gathering over dinner in September. 
At this time the program will be as follows:

  • 23rd February & 23rd March- Why Faith?

  • 27th April & 26th May – What does Easter mean in the world today?

  • 22nd June & 27th July- Leviticus

  • 24th August- Romans

  • 28th September- Esther

  • 26th October- Matthew

  • 23rd November- preparing for Advent

Difficult Teaching.jpeg

Study Group 23rd February 2023


Why do we begin Lent with Ashes ?

What is it about the Ashes of Ash Wednesday that resonates with you?

Connections in Scripture

  • Genesis 2.4b-7

  • Genesis 3.17-19

How does the connections between dust as a new beginning and dust as the consequence of sin with the Ashes help us enter Lent?


Connections in Scripture

  • Matthew 6.1-6, 16-21



How can we hold the tension of renewal and repentance in our spiritual practices?


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