Paddington Uniting Church Music

Paddington Uniting Church has been home to a large number of creative people over many years. Music is an essential part of the heart and soul of who we are. Through our music we seek to embody our identity as a community of people wanting to live out our core values of faith, inclusivness, creativity and justice. If you love music Paddington Uniting Church would love to have you come along and join us. Age and ability are no barriers. Just come and share your joy for this vital element of worship and community expression.

Below you will find audio recordings by some of our talented musicians and songwriters. Contact us for a coy o sheet music. If you are going to use the songs for worship, please be sure to report your use (where possible) through copyrite reporting licenses.

Song Name

Composed by

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Audio file

All around is holy ground
Paul Somerville
all around is holy ground 5.5.15 1.mp3
Breathe on me
Paul Somerville
breathe on me 5.10.13 (final pop compression).mp3
Cherish delicate earth
Paul Somerville
cherish delicate earth.mp3
Paul Somerville
connected STU 11.7.14 1.mp3
Paul Somerville
Dry 3.8.12.mp3
God Will Speak In The Stillness
Paul Somerville
god will speak in the stillness 28.4.13.mp3
In My Fathers House
Paul Somerville
in my father's house 31.7.12 MP3.mp3
Let nothing dusturb you
Alan Bradney
Let nothing disturb you.m4a
May Our Lives And Our Prays Be One
Paul Somerville
May our lives and our prayers be one 22.4.13.mp3
More To Say To You
Paul Somerville
more to say to you rads_paul 9.5.14 1.mp3
My Peace I Leave To You
Paul Somerville
my peace i leave with you 1.3.13.mp3
Nothing Can Sever Us
Paul Somerville
Nothing can sever us piano_vocal 8.3.13.mp3
Remember My Body
Paul Somerville
remember my body RADS 6.12.13.mp3
Paul Somerville
simply 3.10.14 1.mp3
Spirit, Lead Us
Paul Somerville
spirit, lead us 7.8.12.mp3
Welcome Me Back Home
Paul Somerville
welcome me back home RADS 2.8.13.mp3