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Worship at 10:30 am - 'Welcoming Christ' including Communion with a difference

Worship at 7:30pm- Hedegard Dreaming including Communion with a difference

A reminder that you are welcome to return to worship with us in person should you wish, with zoom options continuing for those who would still prefer to stay at home. We be requiring those who attend in person to observe physical distancing and a range of other strategies to ensure we are COVID safe. This week we will share Holy Communion for the first time in a little while, however you will notice a few differences. We will use non- traditional elements including a range of different individually packages biscuits and juices. For those at home please bring whatever you have to eat and drink into your worship space. Though this change is essentially to ensure that we are COVID-19 safe, as we share communion differently, you are invited to remember that communion is not really about what we share. Communion is a ritual that helps to affirm and remember our shared identify in Christ. This Sunday I particularly invite you to remember that all of the food that we eat and drink, has its origins in God's creation, just as all people have their origins in this same creation. This shared identify connects us, as Christ's body at Paddington Uniting Church, with all that is, all that was, and all that will be.

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Study Group at 7:30pm


Open Table between 11am & 2pm in the Church Hall

All of the above events (with the exclusion of Open Table) will occur via zoom teleconferencing. please use the following zoom link:

Password: 160411

To link in via telephone please call:

+61370182005 and use meeting key 3801578825 followed by the # key

Other Events this week

Did you know that historical events this week include the publishing of 'Gone with the wind' in 1936, Hong Kong returning to China in 1997, the introduction on the Bikini in 1946 & the birth of my big brother in 1977?

As you travel through your week you are invited to reflect on how these events (big and small), and similar events like them have changed the world today. How do they echo throughout history? How are they continuing to change the world? What are the good (and the the not so good) that have resulted because of these things?

Offering of ourselves and our resources to God through Paddington Uniting Church

The mission and ministry of Paddington Uniting Church is assisted by the contributions of our worshipping community. If you worship with us regularly and/or would like to contribute to God’s work in our community please do through one off or regular direct debit to:

Account Name: Paddington UC Direct Giving


Account Number:100039830

If you are guest worshipping with us, please don’t feel you need to contribute. The gift of your presence is present enough

Future events

Next Sunday

Worship @ 10:30am & 7:30pm

SUNDay Worship

This week we continue to use a dual mode of worship whereby that those people who would like to return to the church building for worship can so so. Zoom worship will also continue to be available. We are expecting to operate in a 'dual mode' for some time to give people both choice and comfort. A couple of things you need to know if you are coming along to worship in person:

  • in line with public health advice please do not return to physical worship if you are in one of the vulnerable categories
  • You will been to maintain physical distance at all times from others in the building. Please do not hug, shake hands etc.
  • tea and coffee facilities will not be available at this time. Please feel free to bring a takeaway beverage from a local business and/or a water bottle
  • if you are coming to any of our buildings in the foreseeable future you will need to register your attendance, confirm that you are well and are not aware of any recent exposure to COVID-19 and provide us with your phone number
  • You will be asked to apply hand sanitiser or wash your hands when you arrive and we encourage to do this again as you leave
  • Singing will be limited to 'singing with your hearts' rather than your voice, or humming.
  • You may be asked to wipe down your chair after use (gloves and cleaning materials wikl be provided)
  • We can not have any more than 50 people in the church building at one time (less in the hall). We don't anticipate this being a problem for us, but should this unexpected situation occur, we will need to ask people to return for our next service, or make alternative arrangements that suit each individual
  • if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask and/or gloves you are very welcome to do so
  • Paper liturgies and hymn books will not be used. The liturgy will be displayed on the large screen in the church. You may also like to bring a copy of the liturgy below on your mobile phone or device
  • Should we at some time share Holy Communion, individual pre-prepared portions will be used

If you would like a copy of the morning liturgy to follow along during worship, please click the following link:

If you need some assistance to access zoom please click the following link:

Open Table

Last week saw the beginning of a new season for Open Table. We were very excited to welcome a group of eight community members for catchup, conversation and lunch in the sunshine (whilst ensuring physical distancing).

Everyone is welcome at Open Table so if you would like to come please do between 11 & 2pm this.

This week will be a sharing stories and getting to know each other using images. Lunch will be provided in a manner that is safe. Sadly this means that our normal practice of sharing a communally prepared lunch is not possible. But the opportunity to share each other company, our stories and our thoughts about the world is infinitely more valuable. We will meet in the hall (unless our number require a bigger space). All people in attendance will be asked to respect physical distance and register their attendance in line with Public Health requirements.

Tuesday Evening Study Group

Our study group will meet again on Tuesday 30th June at 7:30pm.

All are welcome.

No prior knowledge or experience is needed. Join at any point along the journey, even if you have not attended before or engaged in this type of study.

The focus of our study is 'The Universal Christ' a recent book by Richard Rohr, an American author, spiritual writer, and Franciscan friar based in Albuquerque, New Mexico

In preparation for our discussion please read Chapters 13 'It Can't Be Carried Alone' & Chapter 14 'The Resurrection Journey'

The book can be found at a range of online retailers or in digital editions. If you would like some advice about where to purchase the book from please contact Marjan:

To connect join please go to:

To link in via telephone please call:

02 8015 6011 and use meeting key 3801578825 followed by the # key