Our Mission

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As a church community, we are also part of the local Paddington, the broader Sydney, the wider Australian and an expanding global community. We value our connections to these communities and endeavour to nurture our relationships with them through community projects such as our Paddington Markets around the church each Saturday as well as other community-focused endeavours, locally and beyond.


We recognise the need to be authentic and relevant in what we do, to be discerning in our spiritual exploration, to be questioning of our belief systems, to be respectful of other traditions and viewpoints, to be open-minded to new possibilities and to understand the true meaning of church in our contemporary world.


We are disturbed by the suffering of many in our world caused by greed, inequality, poverty, war, violence, the abuse of power, domestic and sexual abuse, modern day slavery, human trafficking, human rights violations, political and economic corruption, the destruction of the natural environment and pollution. We have particular concern for the plight of Indigenous peoples (including our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples), refugees, asylum seekers and all displaced peoples. We are conscious of our limitations in addressing all these areas, however we endeavour to support a number of areas through our Social Action program.


Through the engagement of professional Community Development workers, we are able to offer support to those who suffer mental illness through weekly gatherings in the church hall. These take place every Thursday from 11:00am to 2:00pm. The program of activities is guided by the interest and needs of participants where everyone can participate and benefit from the range of activities. A light lunch is served.