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A BIG “Thank you!” … Bushfire Appeal

A big “thank you” to all who contributed to our bushfire appeal by generously donating items at Paddington Uniting over the past three weeks. Donations came from near and far including from congregants, the local Paddington community, our neighbouring churches, the Paddington Children’s Centre, Paddington Markets stallholders and patrons, overseas visitors and friends not associated with our church. Not only was this a successful venture with well over 1000 items of non-perishable foodstuffs and toiletries donated, but the open church on Saturdays offered people an opportunity to offer the gifts of presence, prayer and reflection for the victims of the bushfires. Items were forwarded to Foodbank and to the community food pantry at Bowral Uniting. We are grateful to those in our congregation who initiated this appeal, received donations at the church on the Saturdays of January, who sorted the items and who transported donated items to their destinations.

During our bushfire appeal month a visual dedication was in place in the church for those who wished to spend a quiet moment of prayer or reflection for the bushfire victims. A small booklet of bushfire prayers, poems and short stories composed by bushfire victims was especially compiled for Paddington Uniting as part of the dedication.